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Advisory Membership Council

 EPIC: Exceptional Performers Impacting Character.

As leaders and those being groomed for leadership in corporate strategy, governance, risk, technology, data protection, cybersecurity, etc. require a community that actively develops servant leaders.
Through open communication of our successes and those situations we learn from, we can mitigate risks, become resilient and foster strong leaders.

The Elevate Xchange Community believes that by sharing diverse views, mentorship, and building long-term relationships, we nurture better career outcomes for each member.
Elevate Xchange Community Events and EX-EPIC Broadcasts will include but not be limited to advancing and empowering Leaders, enhancements and innovations in technology, and career coaching and promotion.
Our Elevate Xchange Community Events consist of fireside chats, panels, broadcasts, and roundtable discussions delivered through happy hours, dinners, lunch and learns, and EX-EPIC Broadcasts.
The Elevate Exchange Community will continue to expand to other cities as we grow, and we’ll be

adding additional membership enrichment programs and partnerships.
Join the Elevate Xchange Advisory Membership Council.



Whether it’s an in person discussion or offline, asynchronous content, there is always something I can take with me to immediately improve what I do operationally, or as a leader.


AVP,  Information Security 

Identity & Access Management

Mr. Cooper 

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