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Who should attend an Elevate Xchange Event?

Corporate Enterprise Practitioners in IT, Security, Data & Technology Directors,

VPs, SVPs, EVPs, CISOs, CIOs, CTOs, & CDOs.

Are any others allowed to attend?

The Elevate Xchange Community’s Members hold positions in IT, Security, Technology, Data, Risk & Governance. Priorities are Advisory Council Members, first, Enterprise CISO, CIO, CTO, CSO, CDO SVP, EVP, VP and Director Practitioners, second and Enterprise Practitioner Managers holding leadership responsibilities third.

Where do Consultants fit into the attendee criteria?

Independent consultants do not meet attendee criteria. Self-employed Consultants do not meet attendee criteria. Those filling Enterprise Director, VP and C-Suite Practitioner positions under contract and RSVP under their current company name and title as a Practitioner meet attendee criteria.   


What contact information is required on the RSVP? 

Prefix, First and Last Name, Title and Company Name, Email Address, Phone, Work Address, City, State and Zip. You must RSVP with valid and correct information are the RSVP will not be considered valid.

May I RSVP for others on my team or my superiors?

Yes, The RSVP must contain the actual attendee correct contact information and not a surrogate’s.

How do I apply for CPE certification credits? 

By entering your CPE number in the designated box at the time of RSVP.  If CPE credits do not apply to you enter “none”.  Hardcopy certificates are handed out at the end of the event.  If you fail to pick up the certificate, it will be available at the next event only. If you fail to enter your number in the CPE box, you will not receive CPE credits for that particular event. There is no electronic copy for certification, only hard copy. We do not have the staff to backtrack.

Who does not meet attendee criteria?

Any customer-facing position targeting the Elevate Xchange Community as a possible customer base does not meet attendee criteria and must sponsor to attend. Please see Who Should Attend?


How do companies sponsor an Elevate Xchange event?

All sponsors are vetted by our Technology team for Best-in-Class technology, for integrity, ideology, and cultural fit. Our goal at Elevate Xchange for our Sponsors is for them to be treated as our Executive Practitioner members and become a part of the Elevate Xchange Community. Go to for more information and select the Contact Me option for additional information.

When we receive the first confirmation email after we RSVP,

are we confirmed to attend?

Not yet. All RSVPs are reviewed to determine fit both for the person who is RSVPing and those who are already members of the Elevate Xchange Community. ONLY when you receive a FINAL CONFIRMATION meeting request or FINAL CONFIRMATION email are you TOTALLY CONFIRMED to attend. Clear information is communicated by all communication.

If I have attended prior Elevate Xchange events,

will I automatically be able to attend future events?

Not necessarily. Determination is made based on stated criteria, cultural fit and room capacity. An electronic FINAL CONFIRMATION notification will be sent. Please RSVP sooner rather than later and if you receive the FULL message, sign up for the waiting list.  As seats become open, those on the waiting list will receive electronic notification. Please see Who Should Attend?

If I receive an invitation does that mean I will be able to attend?

Most invitations are electronically and automatically sent based on title only. Title is only one of the criteria needed. There are other factors used to measure attendee criteria. We apologize if you receive an invitation and later, after review your RSVP does not meet attendee criteria. We will cancel/refund your RSVP and send you an email as to our determination.

Why do I receive a cancellation/refund notice?

All RSVPs are reviewed for attendance acceptance criteria. See Who should attend. Those who RSVP and do not meet attendee criteria will receive a cancellation/refund notice along with an email explaining why.  Your RSVP may or may not receive FINAL CONFIRMATION to attend.

Are walk-ins allowed?

Unfortunately, not anymore. If you show up without having received a FINAL CONFIRMATION notification you will be turned away. For Security reasons, no one will be allowed to attend by showing up at the door. If you have received a Cancel/Refund notice, do not show up and embarrass us both. If you do not meet attendee criteria please do not RSVP.

Can Sales, Marketing, Advisors, Service Delivery Positions attend?

No Customer-facing position of any meets our attendee criteria. Those holding these types of positions may not attend without sponsorship. Anyone targeting our Elevate Xchange Community as a possible customer or holding a position like this, must sponsor to attend. If you are interested in sponsorship, go to, click on the contact page and specify. 

If I hold a Director, VP or C-Suite title may I attend?

Not necessarily. The Elevate Xchange Community is an IT, Security, Technology, Data, Risk Community. You must hold a position within our EX-Community’s Industry. Also, Any customer facing position no matter your title does not meet attendee criteria without sponsorship. If you are interested in sponsorship, go to, click on the contact page and specify.

May I attend if I am in transition?

Yes, One of Elevate Xchange Community's goals is to provide support for our Executive's Careers. If you have recently held a position

If I am an Advisor and I change positions to an independent role can I still attend?

Yes. Elevate Xchange Advisory Council Members have top priority and will continue to be an Elevate Xchange Member and top priority until communicated otherwise.

What happens when I RSVP and I receive a FULL message?

We have a waiting list. Please select to be on the waiting list. It is inevitable that as the date grows closer, those who have RSPVd may have something come up opening up the spot. When this happens, you may receive an open spot notice. Please RSVP within the 24 hour time frame to claim the spot

What are the requirements for Membership of EX Advisory Council?

To become a Member of the Elevate Xchange Community, an Enterprise Director, VP or C-Suite practicing IT, Data, Security, Technology, Risk, Governance, etc. position is required. There is no cost. When time allows, event attendance & Advisory Council topics and ideas set the direction through periodic Advisory calls.

How do I contact Elevate Xchange for requests and information?

Go to Contact Page, select and option and submit an Inquiry.

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