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Responsible AI & Data Protection

US VIRTUAL Roundtable Forum

Sponsored by our Elevate Xchange Executive Sponsor Member Cohesity:

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the way Enterprises operate, offering unprecedented

opportunities for innovation, efficiency, and competitive advantage. However, AI also poses significant challenges and risks, such as ethical, legal, and social implications, data privacy and security issues, and performance and reliability concerns. To harness the full potential of AI and avoid its pitfalls, Enterprises need to adopt a responsible and data-centric approach to AI development and deployment.

Responsible AI is a framework that guides Enterprises to design, build, and use AI systems in a manner that is ethical, trustworthy, and accountable. It involves establishing clear governance structures, policies, and processes to ensure that AI systems align with the organization’s values, goals, and stakeholders’ expectations. It also requires implementing robust risk management and compliance strategies to mitigate the potential harms of AI, such as bias, discrimination, opaqueness, and data breaches. Data-centric security is a key enabler of responsible AI, as it protects the data that fuels AI systems throughout its lifecycle, from collection to analysis to output. It involves applying techniques such as encryption, tokenization, de-identification, and differential privacy to ensure that data is secure, private, and compliant, regardless of where it is stored, processed, or shared.

Data-centric security empowers Enterprises to leverage AI without compromising data protection, and to comply with the evolving regulatory landscape of data privacy laws. You will gain actionable intel enabling informed decisions through listening and watching these TOP Enterprise and Technology Leaders as they share their insights toward a Responsible AI & Data Protection ecosystem.

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