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Meet Scott Swales at Cohesity Best-in-Class

Elevate Xchange DFW NOV 30 Holiday Party

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Elevate Xchange NOV 30 Holiday Party with MEET Scott Swales at Cohesity an Elevate Xchange Executive Sponsor Member (

The power of AI-ready data and Cohesity

In today’s fast-paced and data-driven world, organizations face many challenges when it comes to managing and gaining insights from their ever-growing data estates. The sheer volume of data, the variety of data types, and the complexity of managing data across multiple locations can be overwhelming. Today we’ll examine a different approach to artificial intelligence (AI) that organizations can leverage to unlock the power of their data. The power of AI is significant and growing rapidly.

Organizations are already leveraging different aspects of AI in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance, transportation, and technology, among others. AI is now capable of performing complex tasks once thought to be the exclusive domain of workforces, such as language translation,image and speech recognition, decision-making, and even creative tasks like composing music or writing stories. Here at Cohesity, we built AI into several of our product offerings years ago to help detect threats in customer data, classify large blocks of data, and protect critical data and workflows.

We’re now doing even more. We recently announced a new collaboration with Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI to bring organizations even more power around managing, securing, and protecting their data.

Data and AI

Data is one of the most important aspects of AI. It’s the fuel that powers AI algorithms, vectors, and context. But AI models are only as good as the data they’re trained on. The quality and quantity of the data used in training an AI model can significantly impact its validity, effectiveness, and power. If the data available to AI models is biased, incomplete, or inaccurate, the model may produce incorrect or biased results. In addition, AI models require ongoing access to new data to continue learning and improving their accuracy over time.

This is why data is so important to AI’s development and deployment. Organizations that invest in collecting, storing, and analyzing high-quality data are better positioned to leverage AI’s power to gain a competitive advantage. But in today’s modern, distributed architecture, it can be complex to collect, collate, and leverage data from workflows across an organization’s data estate. Organizations are generally running infrastructure in a myriad of locations, spanning private data centers, single or multiple clouds, SaaS applications hosted by other organizations, and edge locations like stores, IoT devices, and many other applications.

They’re routinely storing petabytes (or more) of data without classifying, indexing, or tracking it. This is often referred to as “dark data,” and it’s typically unknown to the organization and is often unstructured and/or difficult to access. The main challenge with dark data is that it represents a missed opportunity for organizations to gain insights and make informed decisions, dramatically reduce their data costs, and secure and protect data—because they’re unaware of it.

AI-ready data with Cohesity

Cohesity set out to change how the world manages and secures data. When we created our Cohesity Data Cloud platform, we designed a unique architecture and distributed file system that enables organizations to: Back up their entire data estate and unlock new ways to protect and manage data Provide deep insights and analytics Replicate data for disaster recovery Improve cyber resilience with data isolation, threat detection, and data classification Cohesity’s unique distributed file system also provides a significant advantage for organizations looking to unlock the power of their data, by leveraging the same data they’re already securing and managing with us to be fully leveraged with AI models. Let’s take a look at what this means in application.

Indexing and instant search with Cohesity

Cohesity provides our customers with the ability to store and index unlimited data—structured or unstructured. Our differentiated approach to storing and indexing massive amounts of data enables organizations to instantly search across their entire data estate. Cohesity instant search enables users to quickly search for and locate specific data and was designed to provide fast, accurate search results. This allows users to quickly find the information they need without having to spend time manually searching through large amounts of data.

Plus, Cohesity provides a holistic view of data over time, so you can search decades-old data,

instantly, and see different variations of it during different periods. This is incredibly important for AI-ready data. Other companies store data without indexing file and object metadata and have limited history available (only days) for searching or changes over time. Cohesity’s approach is truly distinct.

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