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MEET the Zerto team & Barb Kiernan

Elevate Xchange JAN 18 Roundtable Forum on “Data is the NEW Currency.”

Content data except the video supplied by Zerto.

Building a Cyber Resilience Vault with Zerto.

How to Achieve Rapid Air-Gapped Recovery After a Ransomware Attack Replicate

Ransomware threats and cyber-attacks continue to grow in frequency, severity, and

sophistication. A recent study by IDC found most of the disaster recovery (DR) incidents in the

previous 12 months were triggered by ransomware and malware. The cost of executing an attack continues to fall thanks to the rise of ransomware as a service, and successful ransom payments are fueling the development of next-gen malware.

Enterprises need a strong, proactive defense-in-depth strategy to prevent & stop attacks—so-called “left of boom” technologies. Equally important are “right of boom” technologies, focused on recovery after an attack. Organizations must use composable data protection to build a fast, scalable solution to quickly detect, respond, and recover.

Why Now?

Although preventive left of boom solutions are more effective than ever, there are increasingly stringent demands placed on enterprise IT. Cyber insurance companies are demanding that companies have better security in place, including data vaults. In the US specifically, the SEC has rolled out even stricter requirements for public corporations, such as identifying parties responsible for cyber resilience strategy. The need for a comprehensive, rigorous approach has never been higher.

Traditional Vaults Leave You at Risk

The common methods for addressing cyber resilience rely on risky vault technologies &

architectures. Chief among the drawbacks is the speed of recovery—i.e. recovery time objective (RTO). Pulling from tape or rehydrating from lower tier storage can extend recovery by days or weeks. Scanning for clean copies prolongs the process even further, as does recovery onto anything other than production-grade arrays. If law enforcement or security teams are performing forensic analysis on production infrastructure, you may need to run workloads elsewhere for some time after recovery—something no purpose-built backup appliance (PBBA) or cold cloud storage can support. It’s imperative to quickly resume business operations, which legacy backup and archive solutions are not designed to do.

Rapid Recovery with Zerto

Zerto, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, enables enterprises to architect and customize an ironclad recovery vault designed for mitigating even the most devastating ransomware scenarios.

The Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault has three core pillars that use a decentralized zero trust

architecture to achieve rapid air-gapped recovery.

Replicate and Detect

Streaming near-synchronous data replication protects every production write in real-time and

immediately detects and alerts on any suspicious anomalies.

Isolate and Lock

Separated vault is offline & air-gapped, and stores immutable data copies on secure, high-performance, FIPS-validated hardware from HPE.

Test and Recover

Easily identify clean restore points and then quickly recover entire multi-VM apps—all while

maintaining cross-VM consistency, even with 1000s of VMs.

Content provided by Zerto except the Video

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