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Executive Sponsor Member Introductions

Roundtable Forum on Generative AI Presents Unprecedented Opportunities & Risks.

Elevate Xchange April 17 th 4:30p-8:30p


  • Enhanced Customer Engagement (+Operations Efficiencies): Explore how generativeAI can be leveraged to personalize customer experiences through tailored content generation and recommendation systems. Please include supply chain and delivery functions and third-party platforms and possible partnerships-making processes. Please include accuracy and trust challenges internally and third parties.

  • Efficiency in Product & Enterprise Operations: Discuss how generative AI streamlines operations by automating repetitive tasks, optimizing resource allocation, and improving decision-making processes. Please include accuracy and trust challenges internally and third parties.

  • Human-AI & Creative Collaboration: Highlight the potential for generative AI to facilitate creative collaboration among teams, enabling rapid prototyping and idea generation. Are there third-party collaboration tools that can support you?

  • Discuss strategies for fostering collaboration between humans and AI systems in enterprise settings, including training employees to work alongside AI tools effectively. How do we address propaganda; what is true and what is false? Are third-party platforms able to make this easier?

  • Discuss how generative AI enables enterprises to innovate in product development, design, and content creation along with possible third-party platforms & possible partnerships.

  • Data Protection, Privacy and Security Concerns + Using Data Globally andSecurely: Address the risks associated with generative AI, such as the generation of synthetic data that could pose privacy risks or be exploited for malicious purposes. Please include how third-party platforms can support you. Let’s look at core technologies. Also, you might include SEC and Framework guidelines like NIST.

  • Legal & Regulatory Risks & Compliance: Explore the regulatory landscape governing the use of generative AI in enterprises, including compliance with data protection laws and industry-specific regulations. This can include SEC, NIST, Oversight, etc.

  • Smart Manufacturing & Digital Twins – industry 4.0, applications in manufacturing, processes, digital connected worker, skill development, ethical considerations, future trends.

  • Risk Management Strategies: Provide insights into effective risk management strategies for enterprises adopting generative AI, including SEC guidelines & robust governance frameworks like NIST and continuous monitoring mechanisms. How can third-party’s aid in trust and accuracy?

  • AI Audit Preparedness: creating one for your organization with clear objectives, thevarious frameworks, management functions, regulations (e.g. EU AI Act), etc.

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