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EX-EPIC: You're Being Setup for Failure: How Situational Leadership Can Guide you

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

with Rick Velasquez, Director of Global Cybersecurity Operations and Incident Response for Sabre Corporation 09/22/2020

© Elevate Xchange all rights reserved 09/29/2020

Rick says, “The way we communicate and the way we lead others can be to our benefit or determent.” Continuing Rick explained, “We as leaders must be deliberate in setting our teams up for success or they will be more apt to fail.”

Rick began 15 years ago as an Intelligence Officer at a Missile Defense Agency and then working for Federated Insurance. From working for the Department of Defense (DOD) to more Corporate focused on Corporate Risk, Compliance and Governance, Rick became Director of Global Cybersecurity Operations and Incident Response for Sabre Corporation facing a public breech just prior to being hired at Sabre.

It was past time for Sabre to remediate and correct issues. In 2019, Rick and his newly developed team drafted 81 policies that Sabre follows today along with over 31 actionable use-cases from Bad Actors. In 2020, Rick promoted this brand-new team to the NexGen stage with some members as a cyber fusion team focusing on threat detection and monitoring and some focusing on threat hunting with the whole team focused on incident response.

Rick recommends reading Franklin Covey’s Situational Leadership and following the diagram within the book as it is broken down: 1) Empowering, 2) Directing 3) Coaching and 4) Supporting.

Rick states, “Once your team is super smart they become more capable of pivoting when change is necessary.” By instigating situational awareness, your team members will in time contribute on their own. Instead of delegating them tasks at first possibly putting them into an overwhelming situation where they must struggle, clear communication can empower them to become confident contributors. Following the Situational Leadership process will inspire confidence and self-sufficiency.

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