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EX-EPIC:Without a Degree

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

with Aaron Randall, Head of IT Infrastructure for Kubota 10/20/2020

© Elevate Xchange all rights reserved 10/20/2020

As 2021 approaches, how important for your career is having a higher educational degree? Aaron says, “I tried college and was not successful so, I enlisted into the Marine Corps.” My serving as a Marine gave me the discipline I lacked and an unsurpassed work ethic.

Most job descriptions still require a degree. Is having a degree important? How do you traverse the complicated vast career world with or without a degree?

Most important than a degree is your network. If you struggle with school and are needing directional advice, seek out advice from those you respect outside your own family. With or without a degree build your network and begin now.

If you were to see yourself in 3 to 5 to10 years, what characteristics would you display? Make and prioritize a Top 10 “mentor” list within your city that you respect, who display these characteristics and whose net worth is significant. See yourself as that person in 3 to 5 to 10 years. Do your research and know their biography matching it to your values, goals and direction. What is important to them? What motivates them? What are the steps for you to achieve that goal?

Reach out to your top 10 list one at a time asking them to meet with you. All they can say is no. Be able to articulate honestly that you are seeking their advice; that you are not selling anything.

Prepare: Know what advice you seek and be able to articulate why you singled them out to obtain that advice. Who else do they suggest you talk to and will they help you set up a meeting?

Continue building your network. Diversity is welcome, if possible, with different views. Get involved. Make the effort. It is up to you.

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