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EX-EPIC: Meet Leah McLean, VP Mastercard and President of the Elevate Xchange Advisory Council

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Meet Leah McLean, President of the DFW Advisory Council and who is a Cybersecurity Risk Management practitioner. Leah's superpower is connecting dots and people in cybersecurity and bringing in the ecosystem to further advance security. I have the inherent ability to use my intuition coupled with data to enable business, reduce overall risk, build consensus, and change mindsets leading to better problem solving within cybersecurity and leadership teams. I am passionate and devoted to collaborating in the community to break down barriers to get more people into cybersecurity jobs, hire differently, and evolve the approach we take in a cyber risk. management strategy. My energy has driven me as a results-oriented cybersecurity leader. I focus on threat intelligence, cloud security and internal and third-party risk initiatives. I've achieved long-term financial success for companies with consulting, risk assessments, delivery and implementation to resolve issues through a comprehensive strategy and set of services across industry verticals. I'm an accountable team player who will take risks while keeping ethics and integrity at a high level. AWS Business Professional certified. Specialties: Public Speaking, Building Teams, Creating Partnerships out of Synergistic Needs, Cloud, Information Security, Enterprise, SMB, Mid-Market, Executive Thought Leadership, Global Focus, Mentor.

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