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EX-EPIC: Meet Jeanette Wayne, CIO

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

hosted by LeahMcLean, VP Mastercard & Elevate Xchange Advisory

©Elevate Xchange June 2023 all rights reserved.

Every enterprise governs people, processes and technology with people being the most important of the three.

Jeanette and Leah both believe that Rewards + Recognition = Retention when leading internal teams of employees while knowing what motivates those who work for you as well as appropriate timing for your recognition.

Jeanette says, "There are 6 ways to give recognition: 1) Compensation, 2) Promotion, 3) Awards, 4) Gratitude, 5) Training and 6) Mentoring. They discuss in-depth each of these and how they play a role in Leadership and effectively managing people."

Improve your overall leadership skills by listening to both Leah McLean and Jeanette Wayne chat about best leadership practices for the equation Rewards + Recognition = Retention.

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