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EX-EPIC: Leveraging the Power of a Crisis to Speed Transformation

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

with Craig Hopkins, CIO for City of San Antonio

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As CIO for the City of San Antonio, the 7th largest city in the US, with over 500,000 sq. miles, 13,000 employees and 42 different departments,

Craig’s motto is “Lead well… serve better.”

Craig Hopkins, CIO for San Antonio is a thought leader who is passionate about using technological innovation to make people’s lives better by giving them exceptional experiences. Craig spent 20 years in 5 different positions at USAA climbing the ranks while honing is leadership skills. Also, as a former US Coast Guard Craig learned the core values of honor, respect and devotion to duty.

San Antonio was one of the first US cities who had to deal with people who tested positive from COVID-19. Craig, with his team, was practicing and updating his business continuity plan when COVID-19 showed up.

“What I have learned is your team will do anything for you when you have purpose and they see themselves connected to that purpose,” exclaimed Craig.

Being a member of a team with a sense of purpose helps you move you through the difficult times. People who work for the City of San Antonio are driven by their purpose and we as leaders need to give them the tools to fulfill that purpose.

Watch and listen to Craig’s amazing thoughts as one of the first CIOs who faced the pandemic.

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