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EX-EPIC: Injecting Intelligence into Risk Management

with Jeff Reich, COO for Servus, now VP for Cloud Security Alliance

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Jeff Reich, COO of Servuss and now VP for Cloud Security Alliance, says, “determining your risk appetite” personally and professionally is the first step towards risk intelligence.

The business’s Risk Intelligence Quotient (RIQ) will determine its adaptability and nimbleness, therefore resilience and continued relevance.

“The business can’t survive if technology drives it.”

The business thrives by using smart technology tools in appropriate situations to aid in the protection and the revenue growth for the business. Jeff, having spent many years of his life at thriving companies like EDS, Argo and Dell along with hosting companies like Rackspace, has accomplished much throughout his career and has definitely achieved Thought-Leader status.

“When I ask, what do you have that is important, where is it and how important is it? I have numerous executives respond with uhhhh,” Jeff exclaimed.

One of the most important activities is to determine your risk appetite both personally and professionally. After all, walking across the street, driving a car and hiring a plumber are all risks. Just living requires risk so a conversation with yourself about risk should be fundamental. Being adaptable is crucial to personal survival and your business’s survival.

The Smartphone is a tool that changed every aspect of our lives; yet the first cell phone became a nuisance to corporate security professionals. First, came the pager then the portable (luggable) phone then “cell phone”, “mobile phone” and now “smartphone.”

Companies used to provide portable phones only to those who required them, therefore not so much a security risk. “You soon will have the reverse imprint of the front of a train on your face if you continue to stand on the track while the digital revolution barrels right through you,” says Jeff.

Watch and listen to Jeff’s words of wisdom concerning your Risk Intelligence Quotient (RIQ). I found it amazingly accurate and fascinating.

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