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EX-EPIC: Facing Career Challenges as IT and Cybersecurity Evolve

with your Host Crystal Grant, Advisor Interviewing Pratibha Aphale, VP.BISO from

Goldman Sachs

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After 20 years in the Technology space, Pratibha Aphale looks back with Crystal Grant on gaining confidence, having a voice and a seat at the table as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) becomes an important Enterprise focus.

Being methodical and biting off one piece at a time, Pratibha recommends being patient and knowing when an opportunity arises to move the needle and make a difference.

We are in a time of enormous transformation, both personally and within our careers. There are many opportunities within your personal and career eco-arena if you are aware of the signs. Pay attention and move your own needle by picking your opportunities well to shine. Become a consistent and constant learner.

With a background in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) knowing “going in” that M&A is more complex than you believe as Enterprises acquire. The Acquisition’s Technology footprint including people, processes and assets can be a major part of the evaluation process. The effective processes that are currently in-place for the company being acquired i.e., IT and Cybersecurity controls may create value for the acquisition or may become liabilities. M&A should not be a distraction for the Enterprises daily activities as they continue to move forward. Clear goals from the M&A team along with establishing trust can be more effective when early meetings are in person. For without trust, integrations don’t typically

go well.

Meet these two dynamic Executive Women, opening doors for a more vibrant and

diverse culture.

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