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EX-EPIC: Double Feature

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

with Pat Benoit, BISO, CBRE and George Crawford, CIO/CISO at Caterpult Energy Services

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“Diversity is more than a character trait,” exclaims Pat.

The inclusion of diverse thought processes and skills in collaboration benefits not only the whole organization but everyone within the organization who personally contributes their best.

Pat explains how “security leaders must also be sales leaders and “tell a proper story”. “Security professionals are no longer just hackers or security geeks. You must effectively “interact with your customer base.”

…proving that the value of the role of security is as an impact on governance.

The necessary first step for security is as a measurement of asset risk and reputational risk therefore, a major function of operations not just information technology. Funding a security budget should not be as overhead but as a part of the revenue stream…the profit margin.

Watch and listen to Pat’s story as a security futurist.

George Crawford, CIO/CISO Caterpult Energy Services

George describes how oil and gas companies must shift enabling proactive innovation and transformation. The key to survival is understanding the new paradigm; that is to facilitate productivity while working from home, cutting waste, and using technology to become more efficient.

For that reason, “we have implemented new tools to help us be more effective and efficient,” explained George. “Cohesive communication with all facets of the business became difficult due to the disruption and the changes in proximity.”

To solve this, it was necessary to implement new technologies. How do you get the key stakeholders on board? “The more we interact with the C-Suite and learn to speak their multiple languages, the better our rapport," says George. We all know that the better the rapport the more harmonious compilation and the smoother path for operations. George’s story will enable you to make better decisions.

Enjoy learning from both exceptional leaders.

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