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EX-EPIC: Customer Experience in Troubled Times

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

with Sonya Bridges, AVP Information Technology Services at DFW Airport

now Asst. Director NTTA

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Sonya says, “Delivering value and delighting our customer is why we come to work every day!”

As a global strategic innovative leader, Sonya is responsible for data services, digital transformation, application and development and quality assurance for DFW Airport, the world’s number one most traveled airport as of February 2020 and at only 60% capacity.

Sonya and her team having been the recipient of the 2018 DFW Airport Leader of Diversity and Inclusion award are developing smart technology platforms to enhance customer experience while improving safety and convenience.

Sonya says, “We call it being very fluid,” to better meet her customer’s emotional full spectrum and current mindset. Sonya has established a Customer Experience Department to better understand what matters most to her customers, hence implementing state-of-the-art smart technologies like touchless screens and clean bathrooms.

TSA Watch-Time was created to guide travelers by transmitting the status at TSA checkpoints as well as further way-find technologies to provide traveler guiding conveniences. Watch and listen to Sonya’s amazing DFW Airport technology transformation.

Watch and listen to Sonya’s leadership in motivating her team to transform DFW Airport to an exciting user-friendly space.

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