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EX-EPIC: CIO Experiences & Strategies You Can Use NOW

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

with your Host Craig Broussard, CIO Advisor interviewing Tom Sweet, CIO

© Elevate Xchange, 10/09/2022 all rights reserved.

Watch and Listen to this jam-packed Fireside Chat between Craig Broussard, CIO Advisor at Info-Tech Research Group as he rolls up his sleeves with Tom Sweet, CIO at Industrial Refrigeration Pros expressing their views in many areas including Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), the complexity and constantly changing responsibilities for CIOs, Cybersecurity and Data Protection, Team Management including Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Board of Director Relationships and effective communication and much more. It truly is a jam-packed open and frank conversation perfect for anyone aspiring for a position within Data and Analytics, Infrastructure and Cloud, a Position in GRC like Audit, or those who are currently Directors and C-Suite Leadership looking to improve and learn.

In Tom’s and Craig’s conversation there is something for anyone. Technology roles and an understanding or how they are vital for every facet of operational, supply chain or financial functions within a company become evident. Due to Tom’s as CIO and Craig’s, as a CIO Advisor priority for constant learning, they are on the cutting edge for their careers including the technical, the governance or business side of corporate management. Due to their skills and experience, critical thought process and devotion and passion for their professions, any company that chooses to hire each of them will be lucky to have them. Again, the key is constant learning.

They both know how to keep the wheels on the bus, gas in the tank, with exceptionally talented people on board and an accurate GPS navigator speeding towards a well thought out destination for any company looking to maintain or create market relevance. Their perspective is new and original for many, and they both are well matched in this EX-EPIC Fireside Chat.

They both think innovatively, out of the box with original measured outcomes. The both are do-it-yourselfers and will learn what is necessary to get the job done when immediate delegation is not an option and speed is important.

Listen to these transformative Information Technology Leaders as they bring together so many complex and multi-facets of the corporate structure in a clear open and frank discussion. You will walk away with implemental strategies.

© Elevate Xchange all rights reserved

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