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EX-EPIC: Building the Path to IT Leadership

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Raymond King, Director of IT Security at Dallas Cowboys

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Raymond King is an Information Technology (IT) 25-year veteran who has steered his own career through systematic decisions and continuous learning.

In the past, Information Technology was considered overhead from a budget perspective. Now and for the past few years, Digital Transformation has surged to the forefront for businesses.

Covid has only increased momentum for technological advances and adoption. Key stakeholders now focus on using technology to mine their captured data along with those in technology positions to create a competitive advantage.

Across every industry, “the business’s” relationship with its customers is enhanced through digitized data creating its competitive edge in the market.

In the early stages of technology, Raymond was assigned a leadership role in the pharmaceutical industry which gave him a unique advantage to lead a comprehensive security and compliance project. That was a pivotal moment and recently, he has spent much time in continuous learning and has achieved ITIL, Cobit, and his CISSP certifications.

Raymond said, “the CISSP certification was extremely broad and comprehensive.” He continued to add, “Although you have to know the stack, the CISSP is more about strategy pertaining to the business and less about technical knowledge.”

Like Raymond, are you looking for some career direction? Watch and listen to Raymond King’s paradigm shift due to his pursuit of the CISSP along with his recommendation for these two resources to prepare for the CISSP exam: Sari Green’s Training at and Luke Ahmed’s study notes and theory found at

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