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EX-EPIC: Being Open to Open Source

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

with Chris Wood, Fellow for Lockheed Martin 09/29/2020

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A title of “Fellow” is granted to only the top 1% of those within an organization that meet its highest overall depth and breadth of skills. You must apply for the honor and only the very select few receive such an honor. Chris Wood, a brilliant engineer for Lockheed Martin has been granted the honor of “Fellow” for Lockheed Martin. Although Chris has acted as a CIO, his breadth and depth of experience far surpasses that of typical CIO from having 40 + years of experience in just about every facet of the Aeronautics industry.

“My father was in the Air Force working at Andrew’s Air Force base when I was just a boy and I was hooked on planes from then on.” Chris is a pilot with a fascination for continuous learning and has worked with young people using Open Source software for their first projects. An advocate for STEM, Chris has a soft spot for open source technology.

Open source tools began being inserted into new software product development in early development days to speed up product development. The continued difficulty is that Open Source has an extreme amount of vulnerabilities so, cybersecurity teams had their hands full shoring these up and making the product less exposed.

Since the result will be embedded in the controls of a plane, software safety pertaining to automation took on a new priority and testing for the worst-case scenario became a part of the process. Predicting the worst case, hoping we know what that is and being able to test for it can be difficult. The more automation, the more possibility for error due to complexity. With software and automation complexity there is a need for continuous training and knowledge in both cybersecurity and development.

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