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EX-EPIC: Beating the Pandemic Blues for Corporate

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Deepak Seth, Principal Director at Accenture now Product Director for Charles Schwab

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Deepak says, “The 2 most critical challenges facing our future post Covid are 1: Business Resilience and 2: Cost Optimization.”

So where do go from here? What are the top priorities facing Leadership for Governance?

Rigid thinking is thing of the past and radical rethinking is the new paradigm as it pertains to People, Processes, Technology and Information (Data). People (resources) must be utilized at their fullest potential therefore, automating processes with more culturally effective and market flexibility is key.

Through implementing technologies that include machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), resources can be removed from mundane activities producing 2) Cost Optimization through effective use of resources while creating 1) Business Resilience. Effective planning to automate the capture and classification of data will require futuristic predictive Leadership and maybe even a crystal ball.

Those better at forecasting accurately, making on-target governance decisions will lead with higher market share.

Automation will enable companies to be resilient, adaptable and continue to keep them relevant. We are in a Data Revolution, Now and for the foreseeable future. Watch Deepak break down what can seem to be a complicated governance strategy and explain the post-Covid direction in simple terms.

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