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EX-EPIC: 1.7 million Student Records moved to Blockchain early in the Pandemic

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

with Tim Marshall, CIO, DCCC now with Indian River State College

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1.7M Student Records on Blockchain // Tim Marshall, CIO of DCCC now CIO for Indian River State College Tim, as CIO spearheaded Dallas County Community College's 1.7 million student records to be moved to a blockchain platform in just 2 weeks during the recent pandemic and was the first college to have ALL student records protected by blockchain.

Tim didn't start his career aspiring to be a CIO. In fact, he was busy working at a plant and raising a family. His boss recognized that Tim had enormous potential, took him aside and advised him to go to college and make a better life for he and his family. Tim spent over 10 years taking sometimes just one class a semester to obtain his degree.

Tim is proof that determination and “keeping your eye on the prize” can lead to a winning the brass ring even when you start with what might seem like obstacles. Tim also is proof that mentors and support can come from all sources and types of people. For those who are starting out, choosing and having a mentor can help you achieve your greatest achievements.

"Now let’s turn the page and listen to Tim’s story."

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