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Elevate Xchange Roundtable Forum DFW Table 7 January 12, 2023

Title: Attracting and Keeping Skilled Talent Impacts Performance

led by Juhi Chawla IT Head, NTTA & Aravind Kashyap, CIO Balfour

Note: We apologize for any lack of clarity. We had a packed room so recording was a little difficult. Due to the powerful conversation, we chose to publish rather than not. Enjoy!

A company’s capital whether financial or human has been a critical driver impacting growth and performance. Although financial capital has long been a market measurement of a company’s relevance, we are seeing companies with effective Talent Management Systems i.e., diverse, equal and inclusive processes and procedures, have been outperforming their competitors year over year in increased revenue, talent longevity and departmental and cross-departmental cohesion. Although many companies have focused on improving their customer experience to increase performance, along with that, improving HRs strategic alignment i.e., creating positive employee engagement interactions, a positive impact on performance is the outcome. A positive employee experience along with overall HR effectiveness can have just as much effect on performance as providing an overall positive customer experience. Higher Total Returns to Shareholders (TRS) are 6 times more likely to

be reported from companies with a robust talent management system. What is your strategy for keeping skilled talent when competition is so steep? Are you applying innovation to your HR department? If so, in what way? How effective are your current job descriptions? What steps are you taking to create a more inclusive culture? Are there amply career opportunities and how are you communicating them? How has Digital Transformation effected your training programs and the people you hire? How has the competition for talent effected your pay scale? Have you implemented a robust Talent Management System and how effective has it been? Watch and listen to this lively and frank discussion along with your colleagues and teams.

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