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Elevate Xchange Houston Roundtable Forum February 9, 2023

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Title: Devising an Organizational Risk Play Book

Organizational decisions can have uncertain outcomes and anything that produces Enterprise

uncertainty has a direct impact on the continued Enterprise’s relevance and viability. An

Organizational Risk Playbook is needed for every Enterprise with some of the following few


Cybersecurity Risk: Connection to the internet. Third-Party Operational Risk: Trusting others

outside the company for operational excellence and more; Regulation and Compliance Risk:

Meeting all the governmental requirements with higher standards than asked; Reputational Risk: Keeping high metric measurements on customer interaction and engagements. Supply Chain Risk: Meeting both customer delivery demands and an efficient inventory flow; Product Launch Risk: Success is measured through each phase with detailed processes. Disaster Recovery Risk: Multiple suppliers along with possible relocation facilities.

1. What are the elements within your Organizational Risk Playbook?

2. Did you have an Organizational Risk Playbook prior to the Pandemic?

3. How has it changed? How often do you review it?

4. Who are the key Stakeholders assigned responsible for the decisions?

5. How confident are you in your Organizational Risk Playbook now that it has been dramatically tested?

6. How has your organization’s appetite for risk changed in the last 2 or 3 years?

7. How have you become better prepared?

8. Are your processes more systematic and flexible?

9. Has your relationship with your data become more organized?

10. Have your supply chain processes become more efficient and transparent?

Come join this vibrant and interactive discussion with top Executive industry leaders.

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