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Elevate Xchange Happy Hour, November 3, 2022


Leader (Moderator): Ken Piddington


Enterprises require Strategic Transformative CIOs and CISOs to maintain relevance and to thrive in the most complex business ecosystem companies have ever faced.

#CIOs and #CISOs are emerging beyond #Technology and #Security #Leadership into managing intricate ecosystems with new and innovative strategies while empowering teams in collaboration to solve some of the most complex challenges and still drive revenue growth.

Top Analysts surveys of CIOs have shown that

Through 2026, 65% of CIOs will sustain a cycle of tech-based empowerment, agility, and resilience through collaborative governance, new service delivery models, and a business outcomes orientation.” -- IDC FutureScape: Worldwide CIO Agenda 2021 Predictions

At the top of CIOs 2023 objectives is working with CISOs to strengthen cybersecurity skills and awareness within the Enterprise. With increased threats and the need of additional cybersecurity talent, expanded reliance on third-party partnerships along with cross and up-skilling, CIOs are looking to fill the gap.

The adoption of Advanced Intelligent Automation improves an Enterprise’s digital dexterity and customer interaction therefore, creating faster service delivery models that may lower costs, improve accuracy and offer a better customer experience consequently leading to revenue growth.

Automation will free up and enrich employees as participants in the overall innovative, transformative process while elevating their skills and improving employee engagement and retention.

On the horizon both, CIOs and CISOs, are committing to sustainability with the central idea that the health of our planet and its ability to sustain humanity now and for the future must be a priority.

Come join these amazing servant leaders in this interactive, lively discussion. Your involvement and ideas are key to our success.

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