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Elevate Xchange Happy Hour, July 21, 2022

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Title: The Future Impacts for Relevant Enterprises

Leader (Moderator): Michele Rodgers

Participants: Mike Santimaw, Rick Velasquez, Mike Madero

“Good Governance” is swiftly taking hold as a major factor driving returns

and investment. From 2022 and into the future, Corporate Boards will either

adopt the new “Good Governance” ideology or will lose market share within

the NEW Economy. This means the internal makeup of boards will also

evolve giving focus to replacing board leadership with who will embrace

newer fresher creativity thinking. Enterprises, through measurement along

with its leadership structures will drastically change to embrace this window

of opportunity to include digital natives, diversity and inclusion (D&I), equal

pay, measured compensation, asset driven decisions including protection

and increased transparency.

Watch and Listen to these amazing leaders have a very lively, interactive

discussion on defining the future for relevant companies.

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